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The story of the youngest officer

Galaxy mini stories.


The story of the youngest officer

It was the eighteenth century of the fifth era, on the tiny planet Zeligium85, which was colonized only 2 centuries ago, a cheerful boy was growing up and his name was Coralius Boralius. Automatic mining stations left the planet long ago, since the main deposits of minerals were completely mined. The Coralia family owned mines in the north and food plantations in the south. He was always surrounded not only by other children, but also by adults who understood the value of the acquaintances of the heir of such great resources.

In that year, a good harvest was successful, and besides, as a bonus, scientists found use for a stone that was previously considered useless, albeit rare, and on Zeligium85 it was full of it. Coralia's father, Boralius Sr., prepared a shipment of stone to be sent to the central station of the Zeligium sector, so that their planet would finally be recognized as a member of the trading empire. Coralius asked to fly with his father, he really wanted to see the station.

He had been in space before, after all, even their planet had more than two hundred Excalibr ships for the defense of the planet and fifty first generation Hercules merchant ships. Yes, and the personal ship was not a typical model with a shield generator, and there were rocket launchers. So the flight was not difficult to organize.

He and his father decided to fly on a personal ship Dzungarik. This is a well-protected diplomatic ship, ordinary light fighters are not even able to penetrate its shields. For three days the ships flew on autopilot and everyone relaxed, even the escort ships. Suddenly, the shields on the ship activated, the father rushed into the cockpit, Coralius followed him.

A feature of their ship was an anti-missile radar, which helped them not to die as quickly as the escort ships. Unfortunately, Boralius Sr. took action too late for maneuvering and the missile still hit. The explosion disabled the shields, a second missile exploded nearby and Coralius lost consciousness..

When he woke up, he saw in front of him a dead father dangling in weightlessness, who had died a terrible death due to a hole in the hull. Boralius Jr. himself survived only because his father managed to put on a suit on him. But he was soon awaited by the fate of his father, it was clear from the device that there was little oxygen in the suit, the ship's cylinders were destroyed.

Coralius flew up to the control panel, power still being supplied to him. I scanned the area, there are no merchant ships, the escort ships are all destroyed, there are no survivors, and there are no foreign ships either. Then he transferred all the energy to the transmitter and sent a signal with the coordinates and the message “Pirates attacked. The fight was lost. There is a survivor. Running out of oxygen ”

When it was already dark in his eyes, he saw the rescue ship emerging from the hyperjump. Coralius woke up already at the central station and after giving a report, he went to his home planet. They were recognized as a full-fledged member of the trading empire, despite the loss of their cargo. Upon arrival, he immediately entered the flight school, and a year later he was entrusted with the command of the first squadron of planetary defense. A year later, Boralius Jr. left home and headed the anti-piracy service, it is thanks to his ten years of work that merchant ships now fly without escort in the Zeligium sector.

Zeligium Sector History Textbook

Printed in the 8th century 9th era of the great trading empire.

Author: The eternal editor ZHivchak

A meeting

Galaxy mini stories.


A meeting

The two irreconcilable Commanders in the Galaxy have met. One writes to another:

- Hey, PRO100CAWA, and we bet on 1000 Solarium that I will destroy your fleet?

- Well, let's make a bet.

And the first commander sent his entire fleet with OS to attack another commander with a T100 Shield module.

Several hours pass. The second commander writes to the first.

- Hey, Nagibator_228, we bet for 1000 salt that I will destroy your fleet?

- Heh, let's see.

And the second commander sends his entire fleet to the first to meet the enemy's flying fleet with the T100 Attack module.

Проходит пару часов, флоты встречаются в космосе и убивают друг друга без остатка.


A couple of hours later, one commander writes to another.

- Listen, don't you think that we just ate shit like that?

Author: Maestro MD

One story about the Galaxy…

Fan video.


One story about the Galaxy…

It is important to set the TONE to ascend to the throne like a hurricane!

So I won my first planet!

Author: GeniY 7EA (@GeniY7EA)

Deal with the Infected Golden Livoon

Galaxy mini stories.


Deal with the Infected Golden Livoon

In the most secluded, impassable parts of the Thorium Jungle, Space Pirates are illegal to hunt the Golden Livoon clam parasite. For some unknown reason, the mollusk does not survive in captivity without a carrier. This is a very dangerous but profitable business. Signs of a shellfish carrier are thirst, hyperhidrosis and a persistent desire to make a deal. Sales, which are used by skillful traders, increasing their income and combat fleet. At the first symptoms, contact the nearest medical center, in a neglected form you can Sell your home planet! 🐌

Author: Aleksandr Belgorod (@Aleksandr3150)


Galaxy mini stories.



Somewhere in hyperspace.

Guardian suddenly woke up from a strange sensation.

Pain ... no. Failure?

- "Diagnostics of all systems," - ordered the Guardian.

- All systems are normal, - an even synthetic voice sounded in the mind of the Guardian.

- Timer.

- 10,000 cycles since hibernation.

- Status.

- Standard activation. Continuum scanning.


- Multiple distribution of an unknown form of biological life was detected, - summed up the AI.

A wave of excitement and anticipation.

- Teleportation to the maximum accumulation of biomass. Research mode.

Too fast. Too lively. Too destructive. Disgusting!

- Launching the purification protocol.


- The protocol is activated.

Space station OUTPOST ONE.

- “Commander, anomalous activity has been detected on all G-class stars and above,” - the officer on duty said with a shiver in his voice.

- Plasma burst destroyed all sensors! shouted the Chief Officer.

- Announce an emergency evacuation! - with difficulty restraining the tevogu ordered the Commander.

Chaos and Panic reigned in the transport bay.

- I'll buy a life capsule! 100,000,000 Karat ( for a capsule! - someone tried to shout down the rumble of the crowd.

- Destruction of the energy shield. The shield will be completely deactivated after 10. 9. 8 ... - the melodic female voice, counting the time, cut off abruptly.

A series of powerful electromagnetic pulses and waves of thermal radiation engulfed all space stations in the galaxy. All electronics on all planets are out of order. Those who had time to put on spacesuits survived for another 2 minutes.

- Scanning finished. The complete elimination of the biological life form is confirmed, - said the AI dispassionately in the mind of the Guardian.

Satisfaction. Calmness.

- Hibernation. 10,000 cycles.

Author: Rivenares

A short story at the junction of worlds

Galaxy mini stories.


A short story at the junction of worlds

At the very edge of the third tail of the Galaxy was the La Cosa Nostra Space Station - the main stronghold of the LCN Clan - a previously impregnable fortress that all the corporations of the Galaxy Minter tried to destroy, but today only a dense ring of shipwrecks of all colors and stripes, which slowly drifted around the star, reminded of those days Zloflios, where the station was located.

The days of former greatness are gone, the century-old war ended with the signing of agreements with the Minter System Corporations, and now LCN could safely plunder neutral players and were the best mercenary in all three galaxies, bringing victory to the one who pays the most.

The command center of SS La Cosa Nostra was converted into a huge galactic bar and business center, contracts were concluded here for the killing of Commanders and the capture of planets, there was an active trade in prohibited goods and substances, and of course it was the main place for rest and spending credits from the commanders of the Union of 3 Clans and not only.

Today there was a celebration in the command center, representatives of the Alliance of Clans flew from all star systems and on the top floor of the command center, in the room that was once the main control room of the Governor of the Space Station, a celebration took place.

Behind the bar stood, or rather was already running, Commander Maestro, the leader of the LCN, who clearly could not cope with the influx of guests and the spill of Galactic Rum produced by the Sigi +++ company. Commander PornHub worked alongside him, finishing the preparation of delicious snacks. Rivenares, the most successful foreman of LCN, today picked up bottles of the best alcohol instead of the heavy steering wheel of the flagship destroyer and coped with them no worse than with the ship, preparing amazing cocktails and shots.

Commander Sigi +, who arrived first with a load of Roma, was peacefully dozing on the sidelines, sometimes waking up to go to the pantry for another barrel of a remedy of his own production. Darth Vader, sitting at a nearby table, taught the clan's newcomers the art of destroying fleets and sometimes fiercely argued with Commander AZ about whether it was worth using Javelin-class ships at all in battle. Masai watched this action from the side, nodding meaningfully to one or the other, agreeing with their arguments and keeping silent about the fact that he had just returned with the captured load of the solarium.

The recently arrived delegation of newcomers from the CW clan, led by commanders Daniloff and SratAsta, could not listen to the report of Commander Adamg13 for the third hour, for the simple reason that it was overgrown with more and more details. Members of the AMB clan watched a poker tournament in which a fierce battle between their leader Ambrazhevich and the galactic merchant RUNAgroup took place in the final. Aside from the tournament match, Commanders Atwa and Hibryid discussed a plan to rob Health's corporate warehouses. MrVlass_Off and S7cret, who recently joined the discussion, tried to convey that this is a hopeless undertaking and the costs will not pay off by offering to rob other Corporations.

In the corner of the control room, a pianist droid was playing, which commanders Bardak11 and Haster took turns to harass, demanding to play some old war songs that the droid could not find in the Galactic Library. Artem745 today decided to break away from the constant calculations and checks of the activity of the personnel and played dice with Commander Dampel, although their game was played with varying success, but the intensity of passions remained at the level. Commanders FengDong and Fenix ​​tried to find out the secrets of the equipment of the new generation Excalibers from Commander Destroyer, but he stood his ground, understanding the value of such knowledge and did not want to agree with the offered price.

For a second, Maestro distracted himself from the Rum spill and peered into the hall, today for the first time in a long time he saw so many members of the Alliance in one place. Joy and fun reigned around, music sounded and the light of otarium lamps gave the atmosphere of home comfort.

But little by little the light grew stronger, and yellow lamps began to swallow the whole room, cheerful faces, and eventually swallowed up the entire space.

Somewhere in the distance, a rumble was growing, which grew stronger with every second.

"ERROR ..", "ERROR ..", "ERROR ..".

The Commander opened his eyes to find himself at the far wall of the control room of the flagship Mothership "NoMercy". A few minutes earlier, one of the Hornets had crashed into the wheelhouse, whose cockpit was now lying right in the middle of the room, cut off by protective screens preventing depressurization.

For a few more seconds the Maestro sat on the floor, coming to his senses and trying to understand how the Thai commander had the audacity to send 3 million Hornets to ram the Matherships. Fortunately, the modules withstood such an onslaught, otherwise the NoMercy crusade would have ended halfway.

The Commander groped the only surviving stimulator on his belt and injected it into his leg, limping, went to the control computer.
On the computer, the commanders of the Alliance NoMercy contacted one after another.

"First, a rear attack from IHodl, then a direct collision with ALEX, the CannibalCorpse Raptors destroying the transports, and now the Thai also decided not to engage in open combat, but went for a trick," thought the Commander, examining the Galactic map. - "And when will this all end?"

All 84 years of the war against Corporations flashed in the head of the Maestro, he tried to remember the tactics that he had used earlier and calculate what they would obviously expect from him, straining to the bridge in order to give orders.

On the bridge, several mental images were instantly uploaded to the NoMercy Commanders. The combined fleet began to split into 4 separate fleets and prepare for the hyperjump. Maestro knew that today one of these fleets will not return, perhaps it will be his fleet, but the other 3 will deal a crushing blow to the corporations' bases.

There were a few seconds left before the Hyperjump, the Mathership was already warmed up and the rest of the ships were ready. The commander looked down and remembered the picture that had been imprinted in his mind during the blackout.

"How well it all started ..." - said the Maestro quietly, looking up and watching the jump gate slowly open in front of the ship.

Author: Maestro MD

History of the Galaxy. Part 2

Galaxy mini stories.


A short story at the junction of worlds

Aleks checked his mail. The informant did not deceive. The message indicated the planet Zeno and the Commander's Refuge, where Maestro often spent time.

The crew heard the quiet hum of heated turbines and the ship began to take off, leaving the space station. Soon the engine noise changed its tone. They felt a weight on their chests, pressing them into soft chairs. Loki picked up speed, slicing through open space. The ship was just hot and stuffy, it suddenly got colder and chilly, climate control turned on.

Above them stretched the cloudless expanse of the universe. The stars shimmered coldly like tiny diamonds on the black velvet of space. Elegantly curved, glowing veils of gaseous nebulae surrounded clusters of young blue stars. Aleks charted a course for the planet Zeno and stretched out relaxed in his chair. There were still 8 hours left before arriving on the planet.

The central screen displayed an impressive panorama of the minterium - the planet Zeno. The whole team could not help admiring its amazingly beautiful purple glow. Soon "Loki" entered the atmosphere and extinguished speed, starting braking. Aleks made several maneuvers and the ship landed softly in the spaceport.

It was not difficult to find the “Commander's Shelter” establishment. It occupied several upper floors of the command center. Aleks took a partner with him for insurance. The tall bouncer standing by the door nodded his way through. They passed a small corridor leading from the entrance to the foyer on the first floor, where a couple of barely dressed girls stood behind a counter in the dressing room and accepted valuables from those who entered. The girls weren't the only ones in this hall. Two massive guards in EFERRUM combat gear stood on either side of the locked doors, beyond which visitors could enjoy every imaginable pleasure. Street noise drowned out the music coming from the club, outside it sounded very muffled and weak. However, as soon as they got into the foyer, an ocean of sound fell upon them, drowned out only by a single wall separating them from the interior.

- Look after the little things? - one of the girls cooed loudly enough to be heard over the rumbling of music.

Aleks shook his head. He was not going to part with his weapon. It was advisable to leave valuables at the entrance only if by the end of the evening the visitors were going to get drunk until they lost their pulse or pump themselves up with cosmetology. But Aleks had other intentions, which the attendants could not guess. The girl pressed the button that opened the doors. The guards stepped aside, letting in new clients. Aleks and his partner took a deep breath and stepped inside.

The club had several levels. Each had a rectangular dance floor surrounded by a large outer ring. The entire structure was supported from below by a web of steel wires running to the base. The audience chose the level at their own discretion. Each of them had a unique musical style, special drinks and had its own dance floor. The furious music of the lower floors gave way to light chill-out rhythms on the upper floors and ended with enveloping space ambient at the VIP level.

Music, illumination and the crowd created a powerful energy that excited the nerve endings, releasing suppressed passions and wild, animal desires, most of which could be satisfied at the lower levels of the club.

They climbed to the middle level and made their way through the crowd of dancing bodies, drawing annoyed glances to them. In the center of the dance floor, on a small dais, there was a stage where three half-naked dancers swayed to the music. They were all very attractive, dressed in glowing tops, short skirts and high heels that shimmered in bright colors. Their smooth movements dazzled the eye. The pulsing light made it difficult to see, but the companions still skimmed around for the Maestro as they crossed the dance floor. They decided to split up to increase their chances. Aleks approached one of the tables and suddenly felt someone touch his hand:

- Hi honey, nice to see you again. I'm Mononoke.

Aleks saw the girl for the first time, but decided to play along with her and smiled in response:

- I am also glad. Nice suit. If I may say so ...

Her hair was an incredible shade of blue, and her clothes consisted of skinny trousers with slits and a fitted jacket made of stretch fabric. Under the rays of light, her outfit sparkled brightly with poisonous shades.

Mononoke smiled at his compliment.

- How do you do, maybe a little spacer?

- Thank you, I'm not in the mood.

- Why? Will you buy me a drink?

- Yes, please. Choose something for yourself, - he pushed the Aleks drink card to her.

Without looking at the map, she offered the Galaxy Shining cocktail.

- Okay, I'll be right back, - Aleks said and went to the bar, carefully examining the people along the way.

As he returned with two cocktails in hand, he noticed a half-drunk commander with CW stripes walking towards their table. He was about to land on the chair when Mononoke kicked him off:

- My boyfriend is already back, - she showed on Aleks.

To his relief, the man turned and dived to a nearby table, where two girls were chatting merrily. They gave the Commander quick glances and laughed when he missed the chair and flopped to the floor.

Aleks sipped his drink and found it quite pleasant. He let the girl chat for a while while drinking a cocktail, but then he got down to business:

"Am I looking for a man here named Maestro?" Do you know him?

She shook her head.

- I've never heard of him.

- It's a pity, but still, thanks. He owes me a couple hundred BIPs.

Mononoke thought for a second, but shook her head again.

- No, I have not met a person with that name. What are you going to do with him?

- I'll put the blaster to his throat and shake out the entire amount for each BIP until I get my two hundred back, - Aleks replied.

- Haha, shaking out is great! - the girl laughed.

Aleks smiled:

- We match each other. Will you be here tomorrow?

Mononoke looked disappointed.

- May be.

- Well. By then I will have my coins, and you will help me spend them on the spacecraft.

Her face brightened.

- Sounds tempting. Happy dreams are guaranteed to us.

- It will be so, - Aleks promised and finished his cocktail. - And now I have something to do.

With these words, he got up from the table and contacted his partner. The companion's voice was slightly distorted by the radio transmitter built into the bracelet on his wrist. The background noise of the club made it difficult to hear the words clearly. They met at the spiral staircase leading to the VIP level. The guys looked around and decided to climb the spiral staircase upstairs. As they climbed higher, they felt the pressure of the sounds gradually weaken. At the very top level of the club, the music was quieter and the lights more subdued. Peering into those present, they never noticed anyone like Maestro. The companions approached the corridor leading to the private offices.

- Sorry, all rooms have already been booked, - blocked the way for security.

- We need to get to a friend. His name is Maestro. He should be here, - Aleks addressed him.

The guard looked down at his wrist.

— You’re not on the clearance list, I’ll have to call him.

- Not worth it, - Aleks said quickly. - We want to surprise him. It's his birthday today.

The security hesitated, considering the two harmless-looking guys.

- If I miss you, I will be breaking instructions. I could be fired, - he finally said, although his tone did not express an unconditional rejection.

- We don't want to create trouble for you at all, - Aleks answered and handed him a bracelet with a sum of one hundred BIPs. - Just let us pass, pretend we weren't here, we won't bother anyone.

At the club, the guards were well paid, but that didn’t mean they didn’t take bribes when the opportunity presented itself.

- Okay, come in, - the security snorted, letting them pass.

The companions ran quickly but silently down the corridor. The first two doors were closed from the outside, several others were closed from the inside.

- What are we going to do? - the partner asked quietly.

- Hope for luck!

They reached almost the end of the corridor, until finally one of the doors was open. Aleks turned the knob with a gentle motion, peering carefully through the crack. A satisfied smile touched his lips.

- Here - he whispered when he saw that they were at the address.

Maestro was seated at a buffet table with two long-legged dancers. He seemed not in the least surprised to see the uninvited guests with weapons at the ready. With a nod of his head, he showed the girls to the door and they slipped out of the office.

- I have already been warned about your arrival. I advise you not to rattle your weapons and then you can safely return to your ship. What do you owe to your visit?

- We brought a business proposal from our MONSTERS allies! - Aleks replied, hiding a blaster in the inner pocket of his overalls.

Maestro offered the guests a drink while pouring champagne into the glasses. Then, grinning, he turned on the encrypted hologram from Ty. The air vibrated, turned dull white, and then crumbled into many shining crystals, from which the male figure gradually began to gather. The platform projected a three-dimensional image of Ty, creating an almost complete illusion of presence.

MONSTERS offer was tempting. As a gift Aleks brought the latest generation security module from them. And also provided fresh intelligence on the activity of the Ancients. In addition, in the event of an alliance, EFERRUM had the opportunity to access secret MONSTERS developments, including blueprints for the advanced Excalibr heavy fighter and high-tech ship enhancement modules.

- As a sign of goodwill, I declare a truce for two weeks. I will gather the council of the Jarls and we will make the final decision, - Maestro said.

He put a bag of black chips into Aleks` hand.

- The casino of our club is at your service. Food and drink at the house's expense. Get some rest. Today you are our guests.

Aleks nodded to his partner and they left. Maestro grinned slyly after them. He understood that in order to raid the Ancients' sector, he would need to gather into a fist all the operational formations of heavy fighters. And to be distracted now by settling old scores meant dissipating forces. Therefore, the truce was the best fit for his mission.

- MONSTERS suffered the most from the alien invasion. Of course they need allies now. But I have to check the threat of the Ancients myself, - he said in thought and lit a cigarette.

Author: Андрей (@Vectrum77)

History of the Galaxy. Part 1

Galaxy mini stories.


Galaxy Stories

Aleks hands fluttered over the ship's control panel, making the necessary course changes. A monitor gleamed in front of him, on which the locations of the nearest planets, transport ships with minerals and other necessary information were marked, arranged in even columns on both sides of the screen. The Space Station was of standard size, with a couple of dozen docking locks on the outer ring, each of which could accommodate any class of ship. A voice came over the headphones:

- Attention to the scout ship "Loki"! We welcome you to the «OUTPOST # 1» space station approach zone. Please keep your current course and wait for personal instructions from the pilot-controller. Confirm acceptance.

- Confirmed!
- Welcome to the space station. In the mall, there are shops for equipment, weapons, and a bar

— The dispatcher has cleared the docking, — Aleks told the rest of the team, taking off the headphones.

Silently cutting through the darkness of space, "Loki" approached the station. Outside lights began pulsing green around the perimeter of the docking bay. The ship landed slowly on the landing platform. They felt a slight jolt across the floor as the automatic mechanism locked the position of the ship. Along a corridor that rises smoothly upwards, the whole team headed towards the premises that served as the inspection zone. After passing the scanner, they passed the guards sitting behind a reinforced glass wall.

The shopping center consisted of several levels with shops and warehouses. Leaving the pier behind them, the companions stepped into the transparent elevator and began to climb to the last level. Half a minute later, a signal announced the arrival. The elevator doors slid apart silently. They headed towards the bar. As soon as they crossed the threshold, they immediately plunged into the atmosphere of the institution. A techno hoot was heard from the speakers hidden in the wall. Many eyes were on the screens of the latest battles between the MONSTERS and EFERRUM fleets. The companions went to an empty table. The bartender came up to them, ready to take the order.

- Would you like to have a glass?

—“Something stronger, but not that synthetic liquor that bartenders across the galaxy add to naive people,” asked Alexs. - And attentive attitude if you count on a decent tip.

The waiter nodded in response, disappeared into the office building, and headed towards them again three minutes later. In one hand he held a tray of glasses, in the other a bottle. Smiling, he silently put the tray on the table and brought the bottle to Aleks so that he could make sure of the quality of the whiskey. Jack Daniels, the label read. “Manufactured under AMB control. Flawless cleaning. "

— “Three fingers,” Aleks told him in approval.

The bar looked very busy. Aleks thought that, perhaps, he could quickly get used to here, in spite of all these commanders with the EFERRUM corporation patches. After all, in the end, they are the same people as he is, only with different aspirations. This sudden thought flashed through his mind made him chuckle. In fact, of course, everything was much more complicated and confusing. The ancients more and more asserted themselves, taking over all the new planets. The fleets heading into their sector disappeared like a black hole. New loss reports flashed in the daily roundup. In such conditions, internecine war only worsened the situation. The HEALH Corporation was looking for a way to reconcile MONSTERS and EFERRUM in order to unite against a common enemy - the Ancients.

Aleks got up from the table and walked over to the bar.

- Where can you get information?

— “Ask the man at that table in the corner,” — the bartender pointed with his hand.

Aleks quickly crossed the bar diagonally and approached the subject.

— “I'm looking for information about a Commander named Maestro,” — Aleks went straight to the case.

An elderly man with a two-day stubble looked him up intently.

— 10000 BIP.

- Robbery in broad daylight! Why so expensive?

- Information costs money, pay or leave, - the subchik blinked his eyes, feeling insulted.

- I just need to talk to him! Aleks objected. - I will pay 3000 BIP!

- Not good. All or nothing, ”the man shook his head.

- “Okay,” Aleks muttered and sent him the transaction.

-Good deal! You will receive the information in an hour to your ID, - the man said in a businesslike manner.

Meanwhile, the rest of the HEALTH team were browsing the terminal for a list of proposed contracts. There were missions to capture and destroy pirates robbing caravans and merchants, escorting transports with minerals from the orbital station to their destination, searching for missing cargo and many others.

At the next table, two men with tattoos on their hands were talking loudly.

- Once I got a contract here for the destruction of one ship. In the description of the assignment, it was said that its passengers were infected with some new form of coronavirus, still unknown to science. I quickly found a target, took aim and burned. Too easy. A regular Hercules class ship!

- So what's next?

- And the fact that when I did not receive a reward for completing the task, I flew here to figure out what was going on. The administration said there was a misunderstanding. Erroneous data was entered into the terminal and in fact the passengers were not infected with anything. But since the ship was destroyed, they agreed to pay. A contract is a contract!

The commanders with the EFERRUM patches looked askance at their companions from HEALTH and laughed shortly.

Aleks paid the bill and headed for the exit. The rest of his team have already left the bar. When he passed the table with suspicious commanders, one of them, grinning, barely audibly muttered something. Aleks didn't need to parse the phrase to realize that he had been offended. He blushed, involuntarily clenched his fists, and slowed down, lagging behind the others. It took him some trouble to resist the temptation to look back and start a brawl.

-“Calm down,” he said to himself, swallowing the hurt. - To stuff their muzzles here is an impermissible luxury for me.

He hated the thought that the two commanders who couldn't keep their mouths shut would have to deal with the station's security service and endanger their peacekeeping mission. Taking a deep breath, Aleks went to catch up with his team. He was followed by a sharp, mocking laugh, but he no longer paid attention to it. Having descended the narrow corridors of the station to the docking lock, the companions boarded the Loki, intending to continue their mission.

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Author: Андрей (@Vectrum77)

Lord of the galaxy

Galaxy mini stories.


Lord of the galaxy

Behind the window of the escape pod, fragments of Hornets and the remains of broken Excalibers floated lazily ...
Maestro @Den4MD took a deep drag on his energy cigar in impotent anger ... yes .. there will be enough air for another 30 minutes.
How? Why? AS ??!?? Where exactly did the ingenious plan fail?

At first everything went well. One of the most powerful corporations of his race, Minter, which he personally built over the years, has so successfully become the mainstay of his power.
Yes Yes. This is entirely his merit and only his. And not the Great, not this King Demetrius @RUNARgroup. And how great is he ??? We are great, I am great, it is not for nothing that one of the many names was in the past Legion. Oh, there was a time, the galaxy trembled with fear of this name, it is a pity that it had to be changed in order to get into the credibility of the owner of one of the key corporations of the Minter race, the Great King Demetrius @RUNARgroup. It took a very long time to go all the way from an ordinary soldier to an officer, then a leader, then a jarl and finally the leader of the leaders of the council of jarls.

The plan was impeccable, the riot was planned in advance, the moment of the overthrow of the "great" was already going on for hours, all the processes that were so long and clearly planned were launched and were coming to an end. And now some trifle, an absolute insignificance, which he did not take into account, with a red-hot energy needle set fire to a stack of energy cans and now the whole ideally thought-out scheme is ablaze and burns. The wreckage of a multi-million fleet, the largest fleet that he built, is flying overboard the icy space. Himself. Personally.

How could one predict that the cunning Great One would resist and attract the technology of the ancients to suppress the mutiny? And how did he manage it, because they usually never and with anyone do not make contact ... although no, he should have foreseen that too! After all, it is not for nothing that rumors about contact with the Ancients of these hated enemies, Monsters, are circulating in the galaxy, and there were even rumors that Thai @thainik personally managed to once make contact with the Ancients and get a large amount of Solarium. How else to explain that the day before the complete destruction of the entire corporation of Monsters, they suddenly had a multi-million dollar fleet? Yes, how long has it been ...

But he, the true Great, the true genius, also foresaw a backup plan in case of the failure of the rebellion, in which 9 billion of corporate energy, with such difficulty taken from Dimitri @RUNARgroup, would be enough for a long and comfortable life full of power, the best slaves and concubines in a small system of his own at the center of an alien race, the Throne, with which he had so successfully negotiated.

Why a small system? This is in the beginning. And then, with his experience and outstanding abilities, he will rub himself into the confidence of strangers and with the help of voluptuous speeches, blackmail and bribery, he will gradually crush the entire alien race for himself, and until the end of days she will work only for him. It's just a matter of time, and Legion - Maestro - @ Den4MD knows how to wait and wait. It's not over yet! They will still pay! ALL!!!

Behind the window glass, fragments of Hornets and the remains of broken Excalibers floated lazily as before ...

Author: (@pit_sevas)

Legend of the intergalactic gate

Galaxy mini stories.


Brother rescue

Commander Beetle stretched in the ergonomic chair of the flagship Excaliber and checked the course on the navigator. His research squadron was heading for the gateway to the Tron galaxy. He had no idea how many obstacles he would encounter on his way. The Minter and Tron races have long led an active life and shared spheres of influence in space.

From a distance, the gate looked like a dark hoop surrounded by many twinkling stars. As they approached, they grew larger and larger until they filled the entire panorama. These majestic and ancient structures have existed for thousands of years. However, they began to be seriously studied after the problem of overpopulation and a shortage of valuable resources arose in the Minter galaxy. The commanders needed a new living space.

Loki's exploration ships, at their own peril and risk, passed through the gate and discovered the neighboring Galaxy of Tron. And as the ancient civilizations settled along the rivers, so the commanders began to develop the empty thorium - the planets closest to the gates.

Several gates in the Minter galaxy were inactive. The best astrophysicists fought to solve the riddle of the Ancient Construction, but they failed to activate the gate. And who knows what secrets they kept, and to what worlds they led ...

The squadron of Commander Beetle came close to the gate. Blue sparks began to flicker around their circumference, resembling electrical discharges. Then the sparks turned into blue and white lightning, forming a powerful vortex of energy. The commander glanced at the center of the huge cyclone. The gates created a gravitational singularity - a curvature of space that transports the ship to its destination without wasting time. Blue-white energy vortices picked up the ships of his squadron one by one and pulled them into the tunnel between dimensions.

Exit from subspace was accompanied by mild nausea, disorientation and dizziness. For a few seconds, a slight tremor appeared in the commander's body. He looked at the tactical screen. His squadron was expected. An entire armada of unknown ships of the Throne race concentrated at the intergalactic gateway and methodically destroyed the first units of the Excaliber vanguard. Space was filled with flashes of explosions, clouds of burning and the skeletons of burning ships. Commander Zhuk came to his senses and gave a short order.

A web of laser beams cut through space, leaving black burns on the hulls of enemy ships. The battle was just beginning ...

Author: Андрей (@Vectrum77)

Galaxy Online is taking off

We are pleased to inform you of the launch of the first MMORTS on the Minter Network


Galaxy Online is taking off

Commanders! Get your space fleet ready! Galaxy Online is takingoff.

We are glad to inform you about the launch of the beta version of the first MMORTS on the Minter network. Capture planets, space battles, missions and expeditions await you. We have not forgotten about the leveling system!

GALAXY ONLINE is a massive by its scale space multiplayer online blockchain Minterstrategy.


  • single server for all players from over 24 500 stars and planets
  • 7 types of planets, 3 sizes for each type
  • 10 types of buildings, 10 levels to upgrade each building.
  • 8 types of minerals, unlimited combat fleet size
  • 8 types of ships: scouts, transport ships, attack aircraft, planetarybombers, planetary capture ships.
  • free game with the ability to earn cryptocurrency of the Minter network just by playing!


Guides for the game are obligatory for learning

Join the space fleet - @GalaxyOnline_en

Don’t miss the game’s news and announcements - @GalaxyOnline_news_ru

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Binding a telegram bot notifications

Binding instruction:

1. Find a bot with the name @BotFather in the telegram

2. Write him /start

3. Write to him /newbot

4. Write him the name of the bot (For example, "Notifications from the galaxy") (This can be changed)

5. Write him the bot identifier. English + must end with bot. For example MyGalaxyNorificatorBot

6. If everything went well, get a response from the bot containing the bot token. It looks something like this: 123456789:AAAa_aaaaaaaaa12aaaaaaaaa.

7. Find the bot through search. In this case, we are looking for MyGalaxyNorificatorBot or "Notifications from the galaxy"

8. Send him /start. This is required to allow the bot to write private messages to you.

9. Copy the token received in step 6 and paste it into the field above.

If everything went well, the bot will write you a message, and this window will close automatically.

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Race: Minter Galaxies: 6 Planets and stars: 28 846
Race: Tron Galaxies: 4 Planets and stars: 28 420
Race: Free TON Galaxies: 3 Planets and stars: 27 107

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Sign in the old way (under your Minter or Tron wallet) and link your game account to the telegram.
ATTENTION! Registration and authorization is possible only via a linked Telegram. In this case, you can create one game account in any race.