Space Stations

Corporations and Clans can build Space Stations and upgrade them. Space Stations can be built on any free star. It is impossible to move the SS, therefore the heads of corporations must seriously approach the issue of choosing a place for the construction of the SS.

At Space Stations, you can build special structures for the daily production of the Solarium, the construction of Modules according to the studied blueprints and copies of the blueprints, as well as for trade with other players and processing the minerals they bring into Energy.

  • Space Stations
  • Space stations

    Each Space Station will mine 1 Solarium on the star for each level of the Command Center per day in automatic mode.

    IMPORTANT! The generated Solarium is not credited to the SS, if at the time of charging there are already 100 or more Solariums on the SS - now make sure that you take out the Solarium from the SS on time! Example: if 97 Solarium is stored on the SS, and 10 Solarium should be added at night, then only 3 will be added instead of 10.

    IMPORTANT! Each Space Station must have a minimum of 4 players assigned to it to operate at 100% efficiency. If fewer players are assigned, then for each missing player, the efficiency decreases by 10% and, accordingly, the amount of Solarium mined per day is reduced by the same percentage.

    Trade in Space Stations

    Any players (not necessarily members of a corporation / clan) can trade with Space Stations, bringing minerals mined on planets to them, in return for receiving Energy with possible good bonuses (depending on the level of pumping the Command Center on the SS and the percentage set by the owner of the Space Station for different groups of players).

    Command center

    In other words, if, for example, the Command Center is pumped into level 20, then the minerals brought to the SS will be processed into Energy with a coefficient of x10 (Trade Bonus = 1000%), and if the player is not a member of a corporation, he will receive 20% of the generated Energy, and if he is a member of a corporation as an ordinary member, he will receive 50% of the generated Energy. Percentages for all types of players on each Space Station are set by its owner.

    IMPORTANT! Players with an excess of the points limit, regardless of the pumping of the Command Center (Trade Bonus), will always process Energy at the SS with a coefficient of x1.5, and they will receive even less energy depending on the percentage set on the SS!

    The corresponding warnings will be displayed about this until the moment of exchange:

    Points limit

    Before you start trading, you will see the Trade Bonus and how much Energy you will receive when sending minerals to the Space Station.

    Trading on SS

    We draw your attention to the fact that the amount of Energy depends not only on the level of pumping of the Command Center on the Space Station, but also on the Trade Bonus for certain categories of players, which the owner of the station has set in the Command Center settings.

    Space Station upgrade

    Corporations and Clans can upgrade Space Stations. This will require a lot of Energy, which is mainly planned to be obtained from successful trade with other players who bring minerals for processing.

    SS surface

    The following types of structures can be built on Space Stations (with their own distinctive characteristics and functions in comparison with planetary structures):

    Galaxy Game Buildings | Command Center

    Command Center - the main building of the Station, trade bonuses for different categories of players are displayed here. There may be only one for each station. Speeds up the construction time of buildings at the station. Daily automatically mines +1 Solarium for each level of Command Center *.

    • Characteristics:
      • Maximum building level: 20
      • Trade bonus: 5% (+5% per level)
      • Build Time Bonus: 0% (+0% / +1% / +0% / +1% / +1% / +1% / +2% / +1% / +2% / +2% / +2% / +2% / +3% / +2% / +3% / +3% / +3% / +3% / +4% / per levels)
    Galaxy Game Buildings | Detection station

    Detection station - this building allows you to detect in advance any ships flying to the Station with a certain radius of coverage, which increases with each level of pumping of this building. There may be only one for each station.

    • Characteristics:
      • Maximum building level: 20
      • Detection: 60 sec (+60 sec per level)
      • Suppression: 60 kW (+60 kW per level)
    Galaxy Game Buildings | Missile tower

    Missile tower - protects the Station from Blockades. There can be a maximum of 14 per Station. Allows you to build and store Rockets to defend against blockades.

    • Characteristics:
      • Maximum building level: 20
      • Missile storage: 150 (+150 per level)
    Buildings | Modules Factory

    Modules Factory - produces the selected modules. There can be up to 5 pieces per Station. At levels 11+, a button "Get ready" will appear (receiving modules as they are ready, without waiting for the construction of the entire queue).

    • Characteristics:
      • Maximum building level: 20
      • Production Acceleration: 0% (+1% / +0% / +2% / +1% / +2% / +2% / +2% / +3% / +3% / +3% / +4% / +4% / +4% / +5% / +5% / +5% / +6% / +6% / +6% / per levels)
    Galaxy Game Buildings | Spaceport

    Spaceport - accepts arriving cargo spacecraft with minerals, putting them in a queue for unloading. Has an Unload parameter (X minerals per minute), which increases with each level of the Spaceport. There can be a maximum of 9 per Station.

    • Characteristics:
      • Maximum building level: 20
      • Processing speed (X minerals per minute): 3000 (+3000 per level)
    Any building can be upgraded to a maximum of level 20.

    Improve - you can improve a building by increasing its level and parameter values.

    Demolish - you can demolish a building to build another one in its place.

    Demolish level 1 - you can demolish 1 level of the building.

    ATTENTION! If you completely demolish the Command Center, you will lose control of the Space Station along with everything that is on it: the fleet, rockets, minerals, modules, energy and the Solarium!

    Building Time at Level 10 Command Center:

    Building level Spaceport Detection station Missile tower Modules Factory
    5 03:32 02:56 04:07 04:43
    10 21:48 18:10 25:26 29:04
    19 131:02 109:12 152:52 174:43

    Building Time at Level 15 Command Center:

    Building level Spaceport Detection station Missile tower Modules Factory
    10 19:09 15:58 22:21 25:33
    15 58:58 49:09 68:48 78:38
    19 115:12 96:00 134:24 153:36

    Building Time at Level 20 Command Center:

    Building level Spaceport Detection station Missile tower Modules Factory
    10 15:19 12:46 17:53 20:26
    15 47:11 39:19 55:03 62:54
    19 92:09 76:48 107:31 122:52

    Building cost, Energy:

    Building level Spaceport Detection station Missile tower Modules Factory
    5 18.00 m 90.00 m 27.00 m 36.00 m
    10 60.50 m 30.25 m 90.75 m 121.00 m
    19 200.00 m 100.00 m 300.00 m 400.00 m

    When building and upgrading, all buildings on the Space Station require almost 100 times more Energy (relative to their counterparts on the planets).

    Space Station Battles

    Capturing Space Stations is not possible. Attacking Space Stations directly is also not possible, however Space Stations (as well as planets) can be scouted or blocked (see the "Blockade Mode" section). During the Blockade, all resources (minerals, Solarium, modules) that are transported from or to the blocked SS are robbed.

    Thus, you can undermine the economy of Space Stations or even the entire corporation / clan by blocking the most important strategic objects.

    Features of Space Stations:

    1. Only the owner of the Corporation can build the Space Station.
    2. The Station can only be built on the stars, and you can always build only one Station on one star from any number of Corporations. To build a Station, just click on a free star (it is not required to fly to such a star in space).
    3. The owner of the Corporation will be able to appoint managers for each Space Station. Managers will be able to build and improve structures, produce modules, but they will not be able to destroy or demote already built structures.
    4. The station can be attacked by any other Corporation or by a player not belonging to this Corporation / Alliance. In this case, only the following are valid for Space Stations:
      • Scouting
      • Blockade
    5. Features:
      • Any member of the Corporation can send resources to the station, but resources cannot be sent from the station to anyone.
      • Initially, the newly built station only has a Command Center
      • There is no mining of minerals at the stations
      • Any member of the Corporation entering the station sees all the resources of the station (only members of the Corporation but not members of the Alliance), sees all buildings on the Station (but cannot build / upgrade them) and sees his ships at this Station.

    Exchange of coins for BIP

    You get:
    0 BIP

    Funds withdrawal

    Race: Minter Galaxies: 7 Planets and stars: 30 125
    Race: Tron Galaxies: 5 Planets and stars: 29 700