Solarium – This is a global game resource that is obtained only in the game by Clans or Corporations at their Space Stations. Only for the Solarium can you sell or buy energy / ships / modules / planets on the Galactic Market, and only the Solarium can be exchanged for cryptocurrency.

rare mineral Solarium

The game has a special mineral Solarium - a very rare star crystal that can be used for special tasks (for example, to learn new technologies or to install a planetary Shield to defend against attacks). Solarium is produced in the game only at Space Stations by Corporations and Clans. You can get Solarium by joining a Corporation or Clan, as well as trading in the Galactic Market.

The Solarium can be stored on planets / Orbital Stations / Space Stations and transported in space. The Solarium can be looted through attacks and blockades.

Solarium has a fixed minimum limit of 0.1 USDT, below which it cannot be put up for sale in the Galactic Market.

  • The solarium can be spent on:
      1. learning technologies and skills in the Skills tab on the Orbital Station
      2. the ability to install the Shield on the planet for 6 hours or more (in the case of learning the "Shield" skill at the Orbital Station)
      3. to increase the limit of Points (which make it possible to build and improve a larger number of planetary buildings)
      4. Studies by Corporations of blueprints in the Laboratory at the Orbital Station for the construction of modules (available only to the heads of Corporations)
      5. Clans and Corporations build modules at Space Stations according to the studied blueprints and copies of the blueprints
      6. buying game valuables or exchanging for cryptocurrency for Galactic Market between players. You can only sell the Solarium, which is located on the Orbital Station, and upon purchase it is also credited to it!
  • Exchange of coins for BIP

    You get:
    0 BIP

    Funds withdrawal

    Race: Minter Galaxies: 7 Planets and stars: 30 125
    Race: Tron Galaxies: 5 Planets and stars: 29 700