Drawings and modules

1. Drawings.

Heads of Corporations will be able to study blueprints at the Orbital Stations in the "Laboratory" tab. There are currently 10 blueprints per module available, but the number of blueprints will expand in the future. Each drawing can be pumped to the maximum levels (each drawing has its own and reach the maximum level of 100). There are compound blueprints, for the study of which it is necessary to have the previous blueprints pumped to level 100.

Exploring blueprints requires Energy and Solarium.

Each blueprint leveled to level X allows you to build a module of any level from 1 to X in unlimited quantities at Space Stations.


Drawing title Requires knowledge of previous blueprints at level 100
Disintegrator -
Afterburner -
Shield Booster -
Bastion complex Disintigator + Afterburner + Shield Booster
Сomplex Luch Disintigator + Afterburner + Shield Booster
Complex Halo Disintigator + Afterburner + Shield Booster
Complex Guardian All previous drawings
Complex Abordage -
Satellite Solarium -
Satellite Energy -

2. Modules.

Corporations can build modules from the studied blueprints at their Space Stations in the Module Factory.


When building modules, the level of the module is indicated (it cannot be higher than the level of the studied blueprint) and the number of modules to build. Modules are produced for Energy, and some modules or modules from certain levels require Solarium to be produced.

To date, 10 modules are available (corresponding to their drawings):

Module name Icon Module boosts
Disintegrator Disintegrator Gives boost: 0.25% to fleet attack per level.
Maximum 25% fleet attack at level 100.
Afterburner Afterburner Gives boost: 0.5% to fleet speed per level.
Maximum 50% fleet speed at level 100.
Shield Booster Shield Booster Gives boost: 0.3% to the defense of the fleet per level.
Maximum 30% fleet defense at level 100.
Bastion complex Bastion complex Gives boosts: 0.2% to attack and 0.25% to fleet defense per level.
Maximum 20% attack and 25% fleet defense at level 100.
Сomplex Luch Сomplex Luch Gives boosts: 0.2% to attack and 0.5% to fleet speed per level.
Maximum 20% attack and 50% fleet speed at level 100.
Complex Halo Complex Halo Gives boosts: 0.25% defense and 0.5% fleet speed per level.
Maximum 25% defense and 50% fleet speed at 100.
Complex Guardian Complex Guardian Gives boosts: 0.2% to attack, 0.25% to defense and 0.5% to fleet speed per level.
Maximum 20% attack, 25% defense and 50% fleet speed at level 100.
Complex Abordage Complex Abordage Blockade module: allows you to capture caravans passing by the Blockade
+ 1% successful capture of caravan ships for each module level.
Satellite Solarium Satellite Solarium Blockade Module: allows you to rob +1 Solarium for each module level for 5 hours of Blockade
Maximum 5 Solariums per 5 Blockade hours at level 5.
Satellite Energy Satellite Energy Blockade Module: allows you to loot + 1k Energy for each module level for 1 hour of Blockade
Maximum 100k Energy per 1 hour of Blockade at level 100.

The number of blueprints and modules in the game will increase in the future.

3. Transport of modules.

One module takes 100 cargo and can be transported through space to any planet (requires 1 Hercules for 1 module). When robbing modules, requires 100 free cargo from the entire fleet for 1 module.

Manufactured modules can be:

  • Transfer modules between members of your corporation using Hercules through space via Transport

    Transporting modules

    Moving modules

  • List for sale on Galactic Market.
  • Rob from other players from planets and OS. At the same time, modules are looted only last (after the export of all resources) and require 100 free cargo fleets for 1 module.

4. Viewing modules.

Modules on a specific planet and OS can be viewed by clicking on the yellow icon below the planet's name. All modules and their levels will be displayed in the window. In this case, modules can be transferred between the planet and the OS. You can only sell modules on the Galactic Market with OS.

View modules

You can also see the availability of modules on planets through the "Planets" tab on the Orbital Station. Here you can only see the number of modules without levels

Viewing modules on the SS

4. Application of modules.

The modules affect the entire fleet sent to the Attack or Counterattack. At the same time, only 1 module can be applied to the sent fleet. Modules cannot be submitted to support, however modules are applicable to the support fleet.

Application of modules

4. Modules in the Battle Log.

In the Battle Log, the display of modules that are applied to the fleet, as well as when robbed, has been introduced. In a counterattack, the winning side sees the levels of both modules, and the losing side does not see the level of the opponent's module.

Modules in the Battle Log

Exchange of coins for BIP

You get:

Funds withdrawal

Race: Minter Galaxies: 7 Planets and stars: 30 126
Race: Tron Galaxies: 5 Planets and stars: 29 700