Limits and odds

  1. The limit on the maximum number of planets in the possession of one player within one galaxy is 30 planets.
  2. Limit of hangars for storing ships on the Orbital Station

    Each Station has a limited number of hangars (Hangar limit) and can store a limited number of ships.


    basic 100k hangars + (10k * skill level "Hangars on OS") + the sum of Spaceport hangars on all planets

    If the player has exceeded the Hangar Limit at the Station, then:
    1. It will be forbidden to build ships on planets.
    2. It will be forbidden to buy ships on Galactic market.
    3. From the Station it will not be possible to send ships for reconnaissance / attacks / blockades / support with more than the Hangar Limit.
    4. Ships stored at the Station in excess of the Hangar Limit will be penalized daily:
    a. If there is energy at the Station, it will be written off as the cost of 1% of ships from exceeding the Hangar Energy Limit.
    b. If there is no energy at the Station, then ships will be destroyed, which in total occupy hangars as 1% of the hangar limit exceeding.
  3. The limit of hangars for storing ships on the planet depends on the number of spaceports and their Levels.
  4. Максимальный лимит Баллов в игре составляет 15 000 Баллов. Подробнее о Баллах смотрите here. If the Points limit is exceeded, minerals will be processed into energy with a coefficient of no more than x1.5 on the Space Station
  5. Maximum number of simultaneously placed lots on the Galactic market is 30 lots.
  6. A Clan can have up to 50 players
  7. A Corporation can have up to 200 players
  8. If you have exceeded the limit of Points, then the resources are given in to the SS with x1.5 rate
  9. The maximum levels of all buildings on planets and Space Stations in the game are 20 levels, with the exception of Mines, which can be upgraded to a maximum level of 30.
  10. The coefficients of awards for Миссии depend on the level of the Player.
    Depending on the level of the player, he will be given missions with different coefficients:
    Player Level * Coef. for mission *
    < 100 40
    >= 100 и < 500 15
    >= 1 000 и < 2 000 7
    >= 2 000 и < 3 000 6
    >= 3 000 и < 4 000 5
    >= 4 000 4
    * - Important! If the Player has exceeded the limit of Points, then the coefficient for the mission is always 1.5
  11. Studying the drawings according to which the modules are built is available only for the Corporation owner on their Orbital Station
  12. If a player does not visit the game for 3 days, the mines on their planets stop producing minerals. And if the player does not visit the game for more than 30 days, then their Orbital Station can go to the incubator, and the planet where the Orbital Station is will become capturable! Described in more detail here.
  13. Solarium has a fixed minimum limit of 0.1 USDT, below which it can not be put up for sale on Galactic Market.

The coefficients of minerals and Planetary coefficient.

Mineral coefficients are used to convert minerals into Energy.

The planetary coefficient is used for Rockets (attack and capacity)

* Planetary_Feature:
Planet Size (number of mines) Mineral ratio Planetary Ratio
5 0.7 1.2
4 1
3 0.8
5 1 1.5
4 1.25
3 1
5 1.4 1.8
4 1.5
3 1.2
5 1.9 2.1
4 1.75
3 1.4
5 2.5 2.4
4 2
3 1.6
5 3.2 3
4 2.5
3 2
5 4 3.6
4 3
3 2.4

Exchange of coins for BIP

You get:

Funds withdrawal

Race: Minter Galaxies: 7 Planets and stars: 30 126
Race: Tron Galaxies: 5 Planets and stars: 29 700