Energy – it is a global game resource obtained by processing minerals, which is the main building material and is used for almost all processes in the game.

Energy can be stored on planets / Orbital Stations / Space Stations and can be transported through space. Energy can be plundered through attacks and blockades.

  • Energy can be received by:
    • processing of mined minerals in Power Plants on the planet. With a coefficient of x0.1 for each level of the Power Plant. The maximum coefficient x2 is available at the Energy Station level 20.
    • processing of mined minerals at the Orbital Station. The processing efficiency is 1% (coefficient x0.01). There is a Level 100 Skill “Power Plant Efficiency on OS”, which increases the coefficient by an additional 5% (coefficient + x0.05) for each skill level up to a maximum of x5.01 (existing x0.01 + x5 for the most pumped skill).
    • completing Missions. Depending on the player's level, Missions will bring X times more energy (x - from 12 to 1.5 times) than if you get it simply by processing minerals with an efficiency of 100% (coefficient x1). The lower the player's level, the higher the reward coefficient for completing Missions.
    • purchases on Galactic Market from other Solarium players. When you buy Energy, it is credited to your Orbital Station!
  • Energy can be spent on:
    • buildings and upgrades planetary structures
    • learning technologies and skills in the Skills tab on the Orbital Station
    • the buildings spaceships and missiles
    • refueling ships with energy before any departure of the fleet (attack / scouting / counterattack / counterintelligence). Without energy, ships (except Titan and Hercules transporting minerals from the planet to the Orbital Station) will not be able to fly out, and the amount of energy required will be displayed when choosing to send the fleet.
      Different types of ships will require a different amount of energy to take off. Titan will not require energy to occupy the planets.
    • refueling ships defending the planet with energy at the time of the battle on the planet (much less energy will be required compared to refueling the fleet before departing for the attack)
    • the operation of the Shield Generator during an attack on it (the Shield will require energy at the time of operation). And if the Energy is not enough, the Shield will break through an additional 1 level (regardless of whether the Valkyries have broken it or not)
    • installation of the planetary Shield. For Energy, you can install Shields 4 times a day.
    • for sale on Galactic Market other players using the Solarium. You can only sell the Energy that is in the Orbital Station!
  • Exchange of coins for BIP

    You get:
    0 BIP

    Funds withdrawal

    Race: Minter Galaxies: 7 Planets and stars: 30 125
    Race: Tron Galaxies: 5 Planets and stars: 29 700