Battle mechanics

The mechanics of the battle when attacking the planet will be described below. (only attack or take over a planet).

Attack or capture a planet
STAGE 1. Missile Towers (if available) automatically fire Missiles (if available) on the attacking enemy fleet approaching the planet.

Rocket Towers will fire as many missiles as possible to destroy all enemy ships. If there are fewer missiles, then all available missiles will be fired.
The priority goals for the Missile Towers are: Valkyries, and then: Hornets, Excaliburs, Raptors, Javelins, Hercules, Titans, Loki.


There are 3 classes of missiles in the game, and not all of them can shoot at attacking ships in the attack / occupation mode of your planet by enemy ships!

Short-range missiles - only deal damage on attack / occupation (but do not shoot at Blockade)

Long Range Missiles - only damage Blockades (but do not shoot at attack / occupation)

Universal missiles - inflict damage both on attack / occupation and Blockade

STEP 2. War of fleets and planetary bombing (the Valkyries are available).

If the surviving Valkyries are left, then they enter the planet’s atmosphere and begin to deliver targeted strikes on the planetary infrastructure.

If there is a Shield Generator on the planet, the entire strike falls on it until it is completely destroyed.
The Shield Generator converts all the damage it takes into energy, which it sends to special batteries that support the energy dome created by the Shield Generator.
However, the Shield Generator has a Critical Break at each level - a certain amount of the maximum possible damage done in a short time.
And if the force of damage has exceeded the Critical Break, the Shield Generator level decreases by one, and a powerful energy impulse is emitted into the atmosphere burning the nearby attackers’ Valkyries, causing them almost the same damage as the Shield Generator has absorbed during the bombardment.
The Shield Generator consumes Energy for its work during the battle, and if the player does not have enough Energy for its work, then the Shield Generator will decrease one level per battle, regardless of whether it was penetrated by the Valkyries or not.
The Shield Generator has another feature - if it is completely destroyed, at the time of destruction it explodes with a strong electromagnetic impulse, which disables all the equipment of both fleets. And thus the fleet of attackers, instead of continuing to destroy the planetary structures, urgently returns to base, without harming the rest of the planetary structures.

In the absence of the Shield Generator and the presence of attacking Valkyries, strikes fall only on the Rocket Towers, and only after their complete destruction Valkyries strike at the rest of the planetary structures.

With any, even the most powerful strike, the Valkyries cannot completely destroy any buildings except the Shield Generator and Missile Towers, they can at most lower the level of such buildings to level 2.
After such a blow and in the absence of a fleet, this attacked planet can be captured by Titan, provided that it does not rotate over this planet Orbital station.


  1. Please note that on average, from 500 to 1000 Valkyries (and in some cases more) can die on breaking one level of the Shield Generator, and this despite the fact that there will be no defender ships on the planet!
  2. When attacking a planet of a player with a much lower level, a player with a lower level spends less energy on refueling ships on his planet than if the players were about the same level.

At the same time, the battle between the enemy fleets is in full swing.
Ships cause each other the damage specified in the characteristics of the ships.
Ships defending on the planet also require refueling with Energy before the battle, which is debited automatically and much less than when the fleet departs for the attack.
The priority goals for the attacking fleet of attackers are: Excaliburs, and then: Valkyries, Hornets, Javelins, Raptor, Hercules, Titans, Loki.
The priority goals for the defending fleet are: Valkyries, and then: Hornets, Excalibres, Raptors, Javelins, Hercules, Titans, Loki.

If after all the previous stages the Missile Towers remained on the planet, then they inflict the last damage on the retreating fleet of attackers.

STEP 3. Injured.

Ships on both sides that have critical damage die.

Reconnaissance of an enemy planet or fleet in space.

Features of scouting:

  1. Only Loki can reconnoitre data on the composition of fleets on the planet and in space, as well as resources (modules, rockets, minerals, energy and Solarium) and a map of planetary buildings.
  2. During scouting, Lokis only fight with the enemy Lokis. No other ships can fire at Loki because of their small size and maneuverability.
    Missile Towers on the planet will also not be able to cause Loki damage if Loki is sent in Scouting mode.
  3. Loki brings complete intelligence only if: Loki returns alive and the number of surviving Loki will be able to suppress the Detection Station (during scouting of the planet).


    number of Loki * 25 > Detection Station level * 60

  4. If you have your planet or fleet scouted and you do not have any of your Loki there, you will NOT receive a report that the enemy has scouted you!

Fights in space
Counterattack and counterintelligence.

You can click on the fleet icon in space (or use the Radar on the planet) and see the composition of the flying fleet, as well as perform actions - counterintelligence / counterattack at another fleet or cancel your fleet.

Features of fights in space:

  1. You can send an Attack or Scouts to an enemy fleet.
    A battle in space will take place at a time when both fleets meet in space.
  2. You can cancel your already flying fleet (attack / scouting / counterattack / counterintelligence / occupation).
    When canceling the fleet and returning back, part of the Energy (taken for the take-off) is returned in proportion to the percentage of the path traveled to the target.
  3. If your counterattack or counterintelligence is successful, your fleet will fly further up to the planet from which the attack / scouting was directed on you. In this case, the ships will not come in contact with the enemy planet, and when they approach it, they will deploy and fly back without a fight.
    In addition, if they meet another enemy fleet along the axis of your planets, there will be another battle in space.
    At the same time, you can cancel your fleet at any time so that it returns without continuing to fly along the axis to the enemy planet.
  4. You can send Loki not only to scout but also to Attack / Counterattack to protect your fleet from counterintelligence.

Capture of the planets by the Titan.

You can click on the fleet icon in space (or use the Radar on the planet) and see the composition of the flying fleet, as well as perform actions - counterintelligence / counterattack at another fleet or cancel your fleet.

Features of planet capture:

  1. If your limit is reached or exceeded Points, then your Titan will not fly to capture the planet.
  2. If Titan has captured a planet, but there are more buildings on it than you have free Points to the limit, then some of the buildings on the planet will be lowered in level or destroyed so that the points limit will not be exceeded.
  3. The ability to cancel the capture of the planet by Titan.


  1. Always use Loki for preliminary exploration of the planet!
    Remember that a pirate fleet can accumulate even on free planets.
    And for planning the capture of a planet or sabotage of a planet, it is worth studying the enemy defenses carefully.
  2. Preparing to conquer the planet.
    The first step is to destroy the entire enemy fleet on the planet to avoid losses Valkyries
    The next step will be the destruction of planetary defense (Shield Generator and Missile Towers) by the Valkyries, and only then the capture of the planet by Titan.
  3. Sabotage of the planet.
    The main purpose of the sabotage is to destroy the enemy's merchant fleet in order to slow down its economic and military development, as well as take trophies in the form of minerals, modules, energy and Solarium accumulated on the planet.
    For this, you would rather also send Hornets or Excaliburs until you destroy almost all of the enemy’s ships. Then you can send Excalibers and transport ships (for looting more resources).

Keep in mind! The higher the level of the buildings and the Shield Generator, the higher the overall resistance of the entire planetary infrastructure to the Valkyrie impacts.

Successful battles, commanders! But do not forget about defense!

Exchange of coins for BIP

You get:

Funds withdrawal

Race: Minter Galaxies: 7 Planets and stars: 30 126
Race: Tron Galaxies: 5 Planets and stars: 29 700