What is Academy

The Galaxy Academy is the initial separate training galaxy in which all players begin to play after registration.

The objectives of the Academy are:

  • training players in game mechanics and economics;
  • easy and comfortable familiarization with the game without repelling the attacks of powerful corporations and players;
  • accumulation of Energy and Solariums, learning skills, creating a large fleet that will be transferred to the open world after graduation from the Academy;

When passing the «Galaxy Academy» the players will get access to:

  • non-Aggression mode-168 hours;
  • locating among players of your own level;
  • graduating from the «Academy», you will get access to the open world of Galaxy Online and the opportunity to join clans and corporations;
  • after completing the «Academy», you will get access to the»Arena of the Galaxy». The Galaxy arena is a special tournament galaxy where tournaments are held every week between players with good prize funds.

Check out what awaits players after the completion of the Galaxy Academy.

After participating in the “Academy”, your account there will be deleted, and you will receive your first planet in the open world of the Galaxy Online game. Before leaving the Academy, do not forget to collect your entire fleet at the Orbital Station and transfer all minerals from the planets there, as at the time of graduation, only those minerals and ships will go into the open world that are at the Orbital Station! All learned skills will also be transferred to the open world.

You will be able to independently leave the "Galaxy Academy" by completing all the training tasks at any time at will. At this stage, it is already assumed that the player has all the necessary basic skills of the game.

ATTENTION! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the period of your stay at the Galaxy Academy cannot exceed 3 weeks. If 3 weeks have passed and you have completed all the training tasks except for graduating from the Academy, then you will be automatically released. If 3 weeks have passed, but you have not completed all the educational tasks except for the release from the Academy, then your account in the Academy will be deleted!

After receiving the first planet in the open world of Galaxy Online, the player will be able to immerse himself in the exciting game process with other players, clans and corporations. After joining a clan or corporation, the player will be able to continue the expansion of other planets and increase his earnings in the game.

ATTENTION! Purchases and sales of any game valuables on Galactic market for players who study at the Academy will be unavailable until the end of training! However, you can purchase a ready account there and play in the open world bypassing the Academy, but keep in mind that you need to get an understanding of game mechanics not to have the planets and ships you purchased at the very beginning destroyed after buying such an account!

Exchange of coins for BIP

You get:

Funds withdrawal

Race: Minter Galaxies: 7 Planets and stars: 30 126
Race: Tron Galaxies: 5 Planets and stars: 29 700